John Gathercole

fine artist

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John Gathercole has been working professionally for many years, selling and showing internationally, including both Tate Modern and Britain. Painting is his first love but initially found success as the founder of the Kreative Union of Neo-aesthetic Terrorists, (the K.U.N.Tists, a play on the German word for art). An anti aesthetic art punk collective that lampooned the art world.

With the Kreative Union he catechized what is consider art, exploring whether art is morally emancipating or socially engaging and what was consider art as both, good and bad, high and lowbrow. Through this they challenged the assumptions of established aesthetic criteria by employing subversive working agendas and disputing the role of the artist in society.

They went on to open a shop/gallery, ‘The Emporium’, in East London which allowed the group to pursue a commercial artistic venture, establishing the Kuntists as a brand and entity by producing a fanzine, clothing range, art gifts and dolls and also forming a band andreleasing a cd ‘Art Noises’. This saw them included with the final years of the Y.B.A.s, (Young British Artists).

John Gathercoles solo work still has an irreverent attitude but now tackles more personal and deeper issues of aesthetics, cognition and media by exploring the void between beauty and reality with a blend of humour and horror, which feeds the contemporary human and social neurosis.

Challenging the perpetual human preoccupation with mortality, truth and happiness through painterly deconstructed and juxtaposed images, he develops identifiable but challenging abstract surreal narratives, asking the viewer to re-evaluate what they believe and what they just except to be aesthetically and socially true or false in this modern age of surface and fake values.

The paintings appropriate a range of influences from, philosophy, psychology, art history and popular culture including, Existentialism, Gestalt theory, Carl Rogers, Lars Elling, Kate Gottgens, Jenny Saville and Epictetus.

Technically his practice has become increasingly more about paint and the act of painting, the processes and applications. Although still figurative, they have ceased to dominate the artistic plain and evolved into figures within a setting or happening or sometimes just lost in the paint itself. Less of a figure or portrait painting and more of a painting about paint with a figure or portrait as conveyor in a gestural landscape.

John has most recently resurrected his Johnny character from the Kuntists and joined forces with Sete from Rart and Sete to become the Sons of Incoherence. A humorous anti art duo.



Solo shows

Neo-Anderthals, Working Class Zeros. Swan Gallery Horndon Dec 2013
Kunt and Paste. Austin Gallery. Sept 2008
Kitsch Me Quick. The Foundry. Dec 2007-Jan 2008
K Soup 2. No Id Gallery. Nov 2007
K Soup. The Foundry. June 2007
Primart. Soup Kitschen Gallery. June 2007
Fetel Attraction. Soup Kitschen Gallery. May 2007
Dermicide. Dust gallery Clerkenwel London 2002Dermicide.
Dermicide. Bitch Ink gallery. Essex 2001

Group Shows

Transitive Beings, Joint show with Ria Firth, Untitled Gallery Paris, July 2018

Unspoken, Stash Gallery London, May 2018

Naughty or Nice Espacio Gallery London Dec 2017

Le Grand Nu Life Drawing Gallery Paris Nov 2017

Femfest Ugly Duck Gallery London Sept 2017

Mercerism, Crypt gallery, London, Jul 2017
Game Face, Ugly Duck, London Jun 2017
Summer exhibition Studio 3 London, Jun 2017

T'Art, Bones and Pearl, London, Mar 2017
Hand Maid, Hoxton Arches Gallery, London. Mar 2015
Dont Look Now. Iklektic Gallery London 2015
Salad Days. Juno London Aug 2015
Punch. Espacio Gallery London Aug 2015
Nostalgia. Art Hub Gallery. London. May 2015
Y Not. Little Pink Monster Gallery. Austin Texas. April 2015
Y Not. Espacio Gallery. London. March 2015
Juno London. Dec 2014
Guilty Pleasures. Juno London. Oct 2014
Seams. Hoxton Arches gallery London. Sept 2014
Loose. With Rart & Sete. Swan Wharf London May 2014
Visions of Dr H. Juno London Mar 2014
FreezeSweet Arts' Exhibition. Espacio Gallery London Dec 2013
Sweet Arts summer Exhibition. Espacio Gallery London. Aug 2013
Thurrock Art Trail-er Trash. Ron contemporary Essex. June 2013
The Devils Advocaat. Ron contemporary. Essex. Nov 2012
ThurrockBred. Ron contemporary. Essex. Oct 2012
This is not a School. Excahange. Five Years Gallery.  Oct 2011
Art Which is Also a Disco. Decima Gallery. London. 2011
Frieze Art Fair. London. Oct 2010
Beyond Punk. Signal Gallery  London  Aug 2010
Rude Britannia. Tate Britain. June 2010
Offside, (alternative world cup). Red Gallery  London  May 2010
Michael Landys' Art Bin. South London Gallery.  Feb 2010
Rob Pruit Holiday Market performance Tate Modern. Dec 2009 
Tate the Biscuit, A Proverbial Xmas. East End Arts Club. Shoreditch Town Hall Dec 2009  
Britain’s Rubbish. (Decima Gallery) Berlin. Oct 2009
Ready to Eat. London Metropolitan University. Oct 2008 
Readers Wives Classics   London Metropolitan University. .Aug 2008
Hybrid.  Melange Social Club. Dec 2007
Aunt Flo's Art Flow. Unit 6 Gallery. 2007


C.U.L.T. Club 2017

South essex Arts Festival, Thameside Theatre Essex. July 2016  

Big Lunch Festival, Grays Park. July 2016  

Village Beach Festival, July 2016  

TICC Pop Up Festival, July. 2016  

The Great Showdown and Showcase. Thameside Theatre Essex. Nov 2015

The Great Showdown and Showcase. Thameside Theatre Essex. Sept 2015
Salad Days Paint Off. Juno London Aug 2015, live broadcast for London Live news

Salad Days Paint Off. Juno London Aug 2015

Pheonix Radio interview. July 2015

East London radio interview. Sept 2014

Art Car Boot Fair. June 2013

Open East Festival. Olympic Park London. 2013
Art Car Boot Fair. June 2013
Graham Norton Big Chat for Comic Relief, Guest with puppets, BBC London, Mar 2013
Neo-anderthals. Children in Need raiser. Wharf Hotel Thurrock Essex. Nov 2012
Ron contemporary. Opened own gallery. Oct 2012
Royal Opera House installation. The Stables High House Purfleet. Sept 2012
Royal Opera House installation. Orsett show Orsett. Sept 2012
Art Car Boot Fair.  May 2012
Ronnie Wood Puppet Presentation. Cork Street London. Oct 2011
Polo Rocks. Faces portrait auction Princes Trust Auction. Hurtswood Surrey, July 2011
Art Which is Also a Disco. Decima Gallery London 2011
Art Car Boot Fair. June 2011
Hackney Wicked. London Aug 2010
Art Car Boot Fair. June 2010
Art Car Bootique. London Design Festival. Sept  2009
Remixed The Bridport Daggers single. July 2009
Art Noises album release. June 2009
Fanzine re-launch. June 2009 
Art Car Boot Fair. June 2009
Kunsthalle Wien Austria. Whoodoo collection. March 2009
Bespunk Clothing Range. For East End Outlet.  Dec 2008 
Decima Art Fair. 2008
Art Car Boot Fair. June 2008
Hybrid.  Melange Social Club London.  Dec 2007
Resonance FM Talk show guests July 2007
Resonance FM Talk show guests June 2007
Big Mac and Flies. Novella. Released 2007
Soup Fanzine launch. Brick lane 2007
Art Emporium and Gallery. Brick Lane. 2006-2009


Thurrock Gazette. Ron contmeporary. Oct 2012
Yellow Advertiser. Ron contemporary. Oct 2012
Thurrock Enquirer. Ron contemporary gallery. Oct 2012
Time Out Boot Fair booty June 2010
The Gaurdian. Boot Fair Art. June 2010
Evening Standard.  Michael Landys’ Art Bin exhibition.  May 2010
N.M.E. Rock Whoodoo dolls January 2010
Pimp London. East London Art & Culture. Prestel 2008
Bizarre Magazine.  Weird World. June 2008
Independent. Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair. Charlotte Cripps Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Chortle Magazine. Russ: I'm finger-flicking good. December 2007
Fiesta Readers Wives Magazine.  Number 38. 2006 But Is It Art
Hot Bodies Cool Style. Ted Polhemus. Thames & Hudson 2004

Clientel and Commissions

Russell Brand
Bob & Roberta Smith artist.
Gavin Turk, artist.
Phil Jupitus, Denise van Outen, Jessie J & Russell Brand portraits. Thamside Theatre Essex. Mar 2013
RhysThomas. Fast Show and Queen (rock group) Glovvies Commissions
Tony Way actor portrait commission
Faces portrait commission. Painting for the Faces reunion and Princes Trust Charity auction July 2011
Gilbert and George artists
Tracey Emin artist
Matt Collishaw artist
Sir Peter Blake artist
Tim Noble and Sue Webster artists
Chapman Brothers artists
Rhys Iffans actor
Jay Joplin White Cube director
Sam Taylor Wood artist
Sir Elton John and David Furnish
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
Lloyd Grossman
Bloc Party. Doll commission
Simeon Mobile Diso Doll commission
Ronnie Wood
Kenney Jones, Faces
Tony Way actor (Mongrels, Extras)
Louise & Theo Fennel